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How To - Pupil Teams Log In

 This page can be translated to other languages by clicking on the icon , in the top left corner of this page 

Step 1

Go to the Microsoft Office  and click on the Sign In button

Step 2

Log in using the username and password given by your school. REMEMBER – the username and password MUST be spelt correctly, including having any punctuation, capital letters and @ signs in the correct places.


Step 3

Once logged in, click the 'Teams' icon on the left side of the screen


Step 4

If asked whether you want to download the desktop app, just select ‘use the web app instead’

Step 5

Your screen will look like this:  If asked to turn on desktop notifications, select 'dismiss'



Select your own class Team (as shown in the blue circle as an example)

Step 6

Within your class team, you will see a number of options. 


At the top, you may see a link to the class timetable.  This will explain what activities are set each day for your child to complete



On the left, you can see the channels





This is where information about each subject will be posted by your child’s teacher. This is also the best place to post any questions your child may have with their work.

The general channel is where any general messages from the teacher will appear and any notifications about messages or assignments will be displayed.


On the left you will see assignments. This is where any work that your child’s teacher sets will appear



Step 7

When your child’s teacher sets an assignment, your child can access this through the ‘assignments’ tab.



Click on the assignment and you will see some instructions, any reference materials that are provided to support your child and the assignment itself. You can also see when the assignment is due to be completed by.


If the teacher has asked for work to be completed through Teams (using Word or PowerPoint, for example) your child can click on the document under ‘My Work’ (circled). They can then complete the set activity.



Your child does not need to ‘save’ their work as this is done automatically through Teams. Once they have finished their assignment, they can close it and then click   to send their

work back to the teacher. 


You can also upload a picture of any work they have done by clicking ‘Add Word’ and then attaching a picture file.


If your child needs help reading their work, look out for this icon: 


This is the Immersive Reader function. By selecting it, your child can instruct the computer to read any written words out loud, can make the text bigger, space out the words and eve translate the words to other languages. Very useful.

Step 8

Once your child’s teacher has received and marked the work, they will return the assignment to the pupil. Any feedback given can be seen through the ‘Assignments’ tab.


Step 9

Once your child has finished using Teams, they should ensure they sign out of their account. To do this, they click on their initials in the top right corner of the screen then select ‘Sign Out’.